Ruben Schade

That's me!

Hi, I'm Ruben Schade. I'm a developer, sysadmin, tech writer and enterprise IT student at the University of Technology, Sydney. Prior to this, I grew up in half a dozen cities in Australia and Asia, most notably Singapore where I consider home.

My IT interests include qw(Ruby Perl Java C/ncurses) development, virtualisation, RHEL/CentOS, BSD and the Apple ecosystem. I've worked developing software for server contention monitoring, end user crypto and sysadmin tasks. Before that, I was a voiceover talent for Discovery Channel Asia, and sold computer parts at a former anchor store of Sim Lim Square.

I'm the author of Rubé, a long-running weblog of technology and Japanese anime. I'm a Wikipedia template developer and contributor with 3000+ edits, and have been elected Anime@UTS webmaster since 2012.

I adore listening to podcasts and the jazzy tunes of Michael Franks, watching Hong Kong cinema, blogging and reading in coffee shops, travelling around Asia, and spending time with my wickedly smart and cute girlfriend Clara.

If I could have a superpower, it'd be the ability to have many superpowers.

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